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backpacking around Thailand, Australia and NZ. wish me luck ❤️ (at Departures, Terminal 2, Dublin Airport)

Blue Lagoon | Reykjavik 💙💙💙

I think I’m pretty much completely packed. Got a list for Boo to do. Just trying to make room on my phone and I get to nap before TL comes.

I really dislike packing. Always have. Always will.

It’s happening. At last.

I barely find anybody attractive. I barely feel an affection for anybody.. But when I do.. I fall in so deep, so hard it’s ridiculous.
— Bayron Ortiz (via 11ab)

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There is just so much love flowing from that woman. I love her and I feel so grateful to have her in my life. That is all.

- university accommodation 

- university transfer forms

- email programme leader

- pick up vaccines transcript

- call surgery to see if i need more vaccines for travelling

- travel insurance 

- organise an itinerary for thailand

- organise an itinerary for australia

- student finance

- organise travel plans from LDN

- organise travel plans to LDN

- organise accom plans in Bristol

- organise accom plans in LDN changed but kind of sorted

- message LL about above

- decide if i want to go OTW tomorrow

- see my best friend

- watch ‘The Fault in Our Stars’

- make thank you cards  (bought)

- buy thank you presents (made)

- email george for an appointment for tomorrow

- print out all the travel arrangements for mum

- order that water filter for my uncle

- start setting clothes aside for packing

- PACK for Europe

- PACK for Australasia

- research camera

- buy camera

slowly but surely getting there. #SortingMyLifeOut

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i’m just off the phone with my girl sulli she woke me up via her phone call which i’m very grateful for as it is 11:20am and i have SO MUCH TO DO.

however as she was chatting i couldn’t focus, I had the most vivid dream in a very long time. maybe because i sleep so late and you were my last thought last night during my needy times. 

you were there and there was a party and it was dark and full of people like ED from ballet and her new friend whom i didn’t like and i was rude to and i went and ‘integrated with the group’ luckily sulli was there but before and after this you were there. i apparently made out with a random boy too but i didn’t and you got annoyed and somehow we were together and actually talking and then a celebrity i’m pretty sure katy perry wanted you. 

now that it’s been quite a while since i’m awake the dream is getting so hazy but what’s crystal clear is i was crystal clear and told you how i felt and you basically told me how i was a jackass and ruined it all.

we cuddled and some more but not quite and somehow we were ‘back together’ not that we’ve ever been so and we wanted to not tell everyone but during dinner at an asian restaurant with the rest of the crew you were again sitting opposite me and you said you wanted to tell everyone. i said not now. after. at 10pm. and you agreed but we never got there because i woke up.

so disorientated and unsure if it was real, perhaps wanting it to be real but i’m glad it wasn’t. am i? what does this dream even mean? was it just my mind showing me what it would’ve been if i didn’t panic? if i was brave enough to confess?

the result in the dream and reality is the same. i’m leaving so why am i still thinking, would’ve, should’ve, could’ve?

Can’t sleep. Cuddle buddy needed.

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